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Age of Conan going stale? LOTRO Out of left field!

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Just over this past weekend I was playing Age of Conan. This would be my 2nd week playing it and I have to say I may have made a mistake putting it on my top 5. The first 20 levels are brilliant, and if the whole game played out at a tenth of that quality, I would be glued. Unfortunately every time I leave Tortage (where you spend the first 20 levels) the game takes a huge downward dip for me. I have made about 5 characters and have given it a fair chance, but I think this game is already going to get shelved until they do more with it. Am I mad I payed for it? Nope! When it does get good all I have to do is fire up my account.

I knew what I was getting into with the lack of endgame content, but my first impressions of the fighting system led me to believe I would be more than fine with mindless grinding, because fighting is fun. I’ve always loved the idea of more interactive fighting in MMORPGs but this game has me pressing combos of 3 keys just to execute one move. In later videos I’ve seen combos requiring 5 key presses to execute the move. To me, this got old really fast. While I never got tired of chopping someones head off or impaling them, I felt detached from the game, like I was playing a bad brawler fighting game rather than an MMO. Ohh and what’s with the drops? Will I ever get anything decent? There’s little incentive to enjoy combat if you only ever get a minute amount of money and some desecrated item that sells for less-than pocket change.

So in disgust, I sought out something else to try. I realized i had heard literally NOTHING about Lord of the Rings Online. I never bothered following anything on it because my computer had no chance in running it. After reading a few reviews I was pretty damn curious, and luckily they offer a 14 day free trial. One LONG 9gb download later, I started playing it. So far I really enjoy this game but the odd thing is that I can’t figure out WHY. The game feels really slow, and the UI reminds me of lesser free MMOs. I think it’s the story. I read a review on IGN and they said it best; You don’t go into instances to get awesome drops and exp (you do though.) instead, you go in to see what happens and how it progresses the story.

When I went and saw Fellowship of the Ring, I hadn’t read any of the books prior. After seeing it I refused to wait 2 additional years just to see what happens, so I bought and read the books. I think this game makes up for shortcomings by having a story many can get into. I created a hobbit burglar and during his intro sequence, you see events from the movie, like the Nazgul asking the hobbit where Baggins is, then running off. These events play out infront of you so the story unfolds as you go along. When i created an Elf Hunter, it started me in an elf city that was under seige by dwarves and goblins. In any other MMO i’d be like “Sweet!” *slash maim murder destroy* but in this one I actually cared, and wanted to know WHY they were attacking (turns out, this little bit is from a snippet of the story from before “The Hobbit,” so it was new to me.)

The graphics are amazing. Some terrains give Age of Conan a run for their money even. This isn’t a review on the game so I won’t go on much longer, but another thing i’ll mention is the arrow sounds. AWESOME. I don’t know about anyone else, but after seeing legolas do some of the shit he did, I wanted to go buy a bow! One of my FAVORITE things in this game so far is one of my attacks. In LOTR when they’re fighting off the orcs before Frodo and Sam escape on the boat, Legolas is up there owning people. There’s that one point where he takes an arrow, jabs an orc with it, nocks it, then fires it in a swift motion. They gave me that move at level 8! So cool.

Looks like I’ll have to make adjustments to my top 5 list. King Conan is about to be dethroned.


Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2

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It did a great job dodging my radar but suddenly Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 is out. Being a big fan of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (GWRE for short,) I picked it up and would like to go over my impressions of the game.

To any who don’t know, GWRE is a game of pure chaos where you maneuver your little ship-thing as you blast through waves and waves of brightly colored, evil shapes. the right analog stick moves you in the direction you tilt it while the left stick shoots in any direction you tilt it. It’s non-stop and makes your heart pound. I have to concentrate so hard when I play this that I think I actually make a “guitar face.”

I consider this game a vast improvement over its predecessor. While the first one only had one mode that had a sluggish start, this new iteration has six total modes, and all of them are creative, fun, and offer tons of replay ability. They made this version much more accessible and player friendly with little features like lenient scoring (death doesn’t kill your multiplier) and making it so enemies don’t instantly destroy you if they spawn on you. Throw in multiplayer (which I have yet to try) and you have a solid game for 10 dollars.

The first GWRE sucked me in even though I wasn’t that good at it. I was never able to break 460k points. This version has a mostly-new scoring system. In the previous version you racked up a score multiplier by killing enemies. death would either kill your multiplier or significantly lower it. In GWRE2 you instead collect ‘geoms’ left floating by enemies you’ve destroyed. Each geom adds 1x to your multiplier, and these things often flood the screen allowing for some outrageous high multipliers (I had 719x at one point.) Death seems to have no penalty on you multiplier in this version, making losing a life not feel so hopeless. In the first GWRE, for me, one death usually meant I should just start over.

Visually, this game definitely sets a standard on “colorful chaos.” When I first played GWRE, It was almost frustrating with everything going on, I couldn’t even keep sight of where I was. But after some playing you get use to it and it becomes VERY fun. Colors seem more vibrant in this version, showing off greater ‘fireworks’ every time you destroy an enemy. The grid that aligns the background is more defined and reflects colors a lot better, and also fluctuates and reacts to the various explosions and gravity-effecting events that commonly occur during game play. Enemies have more of a visual flair as well, with flashy colors and 3d characteristics. There are also some new enemies to deal with and some returning enemies from the previous version.

Of the new enemies, the first is an orange rocket that zips back and forth in a straight line from its starting point. The second is a barbell looking enemy that has friendly benefits. The two ends hurt you, but if you can fly through the middle, you’re awarded extra points and it also triggers an explosion which destroys nearby enemies. Another type of enemy I saw looked like an eye guarded by many blue orbs huddled against it, which required heavy fire from one direction to weaken its defenses. The last type I remember seeing might be a remake of the “pac-man” enemies present in the first version, though I can’t be sure. I’ve only seen them in a later sequence that was much too chaotic to soak anything in.

The music in this game is astounding! The music will often change depending on what’s going on. In “king” mode, for example, the music gets muffled when you aren’t in a bubble. It seems like the crazier the action gets, the more intense the music gets. Plus the music in “sequence” mode is amazing. I really want that song.

Last but not least, the new modes. There are six modes you can play here, and each one feels incredibly inventive and fresh. In the first GWRE, I would have a good game, then inevitably die and not feel like starting over again. In this version I have trouble quitting. Whenever I’m done with a mode and intend to quit, the alure of another mode always entices me and I keep playing. Here’s a breif description of the new modes:

Deadline – This mode is the basic GWRE2 experience, only you have a 3 minute deadline. When the music stops, everything stops and It’s over.

King – In this mode you cannot shoot unless you enter bubbles that appear. The enemy cannot enter the bubbles, but they decay shortly after you enter them, forcing you to make a mad dash to the next bubble before the enemies swell in on you.

Evolved – Same as the first GWRE, except the new game play mechanics are intact. Go until you die, collect bombs and extra lives with points, good luck!

Pacifism – You cannot shoot at all. Instead, you must avoid enemies while trying to pass through those barbell enemies mentioned above. The resulting explosion when you pass through one of these is the only way to hurt enemies. One life only.

Waves – One of my favorites. This mode will send throngs of enemies at you, non stop. You’ll mostly see those straight-line rockets zipping around side by side in rows, which is fun because you have to shoot through and create paths. Extremely exciting, this mode is worth the price of the game alone.

Sequence – My other favorite mode. This mode offers 20 stages, which you have 30 seconds each to completely kill all of the enemies on the board. You have a short breather between sequences, but don’t get comfortable because they throw insane stuff at you. If you die, you lose a life and move on to the next level. I have yet to complete all sequences, but I got close, and 17 million points trying (which probably isn’t anything compared to what other players are getting.)

So there’s GWRE2. It literally snuck up on me. It was there when I went to download Bionic Commando: Rearmed so I went ahead and bought it. Worth 10 dollars? Well as I already mentioned, Waves alone is worth 10 dollars! I would gladly pay 59.99$ for this game. Highly recommended!

If you’d like to see what the game looks like, check here!

Missing: UO:KR

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I noticed something very odd this weekend. Since I’ve been talking
about previous MMO’s that I’ve played, interest has been rekindled in
certain series. I was very curious to find out what became of some of
the games I loved, most notably, Ultima Online. As of 2007, Ultima
Online: Kingdom Reborn should be out. Kingdom Reborn is mostly the same
Ultima Online that’s been around for years, only they’ve upped the
graphics tremendously (let’s not even count UO:3d, it was an atrocity.)
This is something I would probably try, since i like both old UO and
new UO. So what’s my problem? I can’t find this game for sale. This
game seems to quite literally have dropped out of existence. I’ve tried so many retailers online, and hardly any have a match at all for “Ultima,”
and if they do, it’s for the ‘8th age’ released in ’05. On UoHerald i
was able to find a 14 day free trial, but no links to actually move on
and purchase this game. I was starting to wonder if it was maybe a free
graphical overhaul that you just download, since I had no issue finding
various mirrors for the client, but I’ve seen pictures of the cover,
and i get results on google for buying it at Amazon only to arrive at
the site and have “no results.” I’ve also come across forum posts of people claiming they have it. Is this bizarre or has Ultima Online finally found the grave?

If anyone can find ANYTHING on purchasing this game, comment here and let me know what’s up. UO was so good that I would actually consider buying it assuming the trial made it seem worth it.

Age of Conan – More high-end content, Dungeon Changes, DX10, Expansion.

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I saw a really cool article on I’m new to Age of Conan (about a week old actually) so this hasn’t hit me yet, but I’ve been in similar situations in other MMOs. I heard plenty about higher end content being somewhat lacking in AoC. This occurs supposedly after level 50, and I’m currently 25. I’m glad to see that it’s being worked on. It was a bit of a concern when paying for the game, but I knew what I was getting into. To be honest, I haven’t done a dungeon yet, so I can’t comment on that. What they say about traps and bosses with devout followers sacraficing themselves to heal the boss sounds really interesting though. If you really want to get into this, it’s explained way better this video of an interview with Erling Ellingson, the Product Manager for Funcom.

World Of Warcraft: WOTLK Intro cinematic unveiled.

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On I read that Blizzard released the opening sequence for their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. I think I might have pee’d a little… Well atleast I hope it’s pee. My sound cut out half way through, but damn! What an amazing intro. I hope that dragon is included in the game and looks even a tenth as cool as he does in this cinematic. November (the last known release date I’ve heard, this could change) could not come any sooner.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed impressions.

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I’m amazingly happy to announce (though it’s not exactly new news) that Bionic Commando: Rearmed is out on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 10$ (It is also out on the Playstation Network and PC.) Since I was anticipating the hell out of this game, I wanted to say a few things about it. Firstly, the original Bionic Commando on Nintendo was one of my favorite games in concept. I never, at any point, considered myself good at it. I even thought it was impossible. Maybe it’s that I have a thing for hooks. Back in the day I would play HalfLife (OZdm) and Quake (lithium) mods that added hooks to the game, and I felt it added SO much more to the experience, rather than just running and jumping. I also like games that, while they require skill, you can have your own style and tackle things in your own way.

Before I really get into it, I’d like to applaud them on the demo for this game. It was very clever and actually¬† made me laugh out loud. Dialogue between the characters would go along the lines of “Sir, The enemy is attacking!” “Calm down soldier! It’s just a demo! The enemy can’t reach us!” not exact quotes but it’s stuff like that, sort of making fun of it’s self in a fun way. When you get to the first boss, he exclaims “Pi… pi… pi… End of demo, shutting system down” and the main character is saying “No I want to kick your ass!” This clever writing in the demo was a good idea on their part, as it made me more interested in the full game.

I really like this game. It plays SO well. I can actually say that I’m good at this one now. Maybe they somehow made it easier (to be honest, it’s been SO long since I played the original that I cannot make a fair comparison) but I find this to be an incredibly fun experience. For anyone who doesn’t know, this game is a remake from a classic nintendo game made many many years ago. It is a side scrolling platformer that contains no jumping, at all. Instead, you get around by shooting your bionic hook arm either above you, diagonal left and right, or straight left and right, to latch on to various objects and then swing yourself or pull yourself up (or if you’re latching on to something ground level, you can slide along the ground.)

The premise is that you’re pretty much a super soldier dropped behind enemy lines going from mission to mission looking for your captured comrade, Joe, I believe his name was. So you embark on your journey through the use of a tactical map, showing where you can go. The map contains missions, friendly outposts, and roaming enemy encounters. Should you hit one of these roaming enemy encounters, you’re thrown into a top-down, rambo-to-the-end shooter, which shares a resemblance with the likes of SmashTV and the overhead bits from Contra games. So far these are so simple they’re pretty much a pointless waste of time, but I have yet to scale up the difficulty, so that might not be fair to say.

While you can attack missions in almost any order you want, you’ll see instances like in Zelda: You can’t go to this dungeon until you have the power glove to lift the abnormally heavy rock blocking it. It isn’t anything annoying, I choose a pretty random pattern for attacking the missions and I was still awarded all the items necessary to move on with minimal backtracking. Also if you try a mission and can’t get past due to one of these obstacles, when you extract from the mission your pilot will chime in and let you know why and what you need to do about it. So there are no moments of “Where do I go?”

The gameplay is phenominal, featuring many moments where you sit back and say “Wow, that was cool!” I have -SO- much fun trying to get from place to place, seeing if i can do it without touching the ground, looking for interesting ways to take down enemies. I found myself just having fun, like I was in a sandbox that had a goal. You’re given armor and weapon upgrades that add a great deal of variety to combat. You have your shotgun for close range, your basic blaster for infantry, laser rifle for mechanical enemies, rocket launcher for certain walls and enemies (This seems to make incredibly short work of bosses) and a few other things that are unknown to me (I’m on mission 10 or so, I still have a few things to get.) Each weapon has a unique look and feel.

You’ll essentially get around missions by hunting down computer terminals and communicating with your allies, having them open secure doors ahead of you. You can also choose to hack the computer via a fun (but hard to describe) mini game where you have to maneuver an orb into a goal by rotating a cube and firing it in different directions. Once hacked, you get to see a snippet of dialogue between the enemy that often offers insight on the story, or tips for the upcoming boss fight.

The boss fights vary. I had a few boss fights that were enjoyable, but so far i’ve seen two bosses rehashed later in the game, and you can dispatch them with the same tactics and seemingly same difficulty as the first time through. There was one boss fight that had me scratching my head for a minute, and when I figured it out, it was a very creative idea for a boss fight. I feel it’s been so long since i’ve played a game that consists of stages ending in boss fights, so I had a good time, and it was refreshing to me.

Now onto the graphics. I don’t think people reinvent 2d games with 3d graphics enough. I think there is a huge market for it, but few companies are bold enough to try it. Castlevania Symphony of the Night is EASILY my favorite game, and IMO, the best game of all time. So I have a passion for 2d games looking pretty, and this game sits very well with me. It plays so smooth and it’s so beautiful. The explosions from grenades and rockets are VERY impressive. The levels vary with terrain, and they did a great job on each type. So far the game hasn’t come close to feeling dull or tired for me, and if it did, I could hit up a friendly outpost and check out the games VR-esque missions, which are pretty much timed obstacle courses that resemble the VR missions from Metal Gear Solid. I’ve only played a few of these but i see great potential in them being fun.

The last thing i’ll mention is the music. When you start the first level, you parachute in and the music starts. It reminds me of a song from a war movie where they’re in the desert (wish I could remember more) and it gave me this excellent feeling that I was behind enemy lines in a war. There are songs that seem more rock-oriented, while some of the factory themed areas have a more techno sound. I found myself tapping my foot to a few of the tunes, so that’s always good. I wish I could remember enough from the original game to be able to say with any certainty whether or not the songs are remixes from the originals, but I can’t. Very catchy, fitting music though.

So to wrap it up. This game is for the most part (about 95%) very awesome. I highly recommend it. There are a few concerns I had when playing, and they’re pretty minmal. One was loading screens. They seemed a little long for what the game was. Every building you go into, every mission you start, every time you leave a map, there’s a 5-10 second loading screen. It’s not TERRIBLE by any means, but I did let out a sigh a few times when I accidently went somewhere I didn’t mean to. Another small issue was the VR missions. The few I played seemed to have ridiculous standards to 5-star them. I was going through them SO fast, not seeing anywhere I could possibly improve speed, and I would still get 4 stars. This was only on the first few so my conern is for the more advanced ones later on. I guess I just have issues with games demanding I be perfect at it (I hope to write an entry about this soon.) But in the end, this game comes highly recommended. It’s the best game i’ve purchased for 10 dollars in a very long time.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this game boasts multiplay, but sadly not over live. I haven’t tried this yet, so your guess is as good as mine on it.

I hope to also discuss Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 very soon, so keep an eye out for that. I need to peel myself away from bionic commando and unlock more modes first.


First post! A little about me and my love for MMORPGs.

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What I want to do with this first entry is explain why I have chosen to start a blog about MMOs, as well as go over my top 5 MMOs. The MMORPG is by far my preferred genre. I have been in love with MMORPGs since I played my first one in 1997. I remember the day that my mom, my brother, and myself went to Best Buy to get a new game to play, and my brother and I got a huge fight over which game to choose. I can’t remember what game I wanted, but he held in his hands, Ultima Online. I was PISSED. I did NOT want this game! I gave in, we got it, and I pouted in the car on the way home. We installed the game and got it running. It was SO terrible, easily the worst game I had ever played. I was stuck on a hill, I was too young to understand what “Fatigue” meant so I’m wondering why the HELL I can’t move. Over the next few days I played around with it a little more because I was eager to see what the game was all about. Now, I can’t say when it exactly happened, it just did. I suddenly was enthralled in this game. I picked up the tailoring skill and started mindlessly clicking through menus in the tailoring shop in Britain for hours straight. I was beyond hooked. This game became my life. From there on I started playing MMOs as they were released. I had another seemingly decade-long obsession with Everquest, then another with Dark Age of Camelot. I often think back and wonder how I even had enough time in my life to play these games as much as I did. This genre of game quickly became my forte, and I moved on to play many many more. Most were pay-to-play and some from independent developers who release their own created MMOs free of charge.

For a long time I was unable to afford a computer upgrade. Right about when DAoC released their Shrouded Isles expansion (which improved the graphics, putting it out of my computers reach), is when I mostly had to stop playing MMOs, or new ones I should say. Though I revisited UO (Ultima Online) more times than I want to recall, and played many low-end free MMOs, I dropped out of the MMO world for a while. Then one day, Introducing: the World of Warcraft beta. I installed it all prepared to be very disappointed knowing I couldn’t run it, but lo and behold! It ran playably decent! So I got into WoW for a very long time, and still play it to this day.

Within the last few months, my friend helped me put together a budget gaming PC. I instantly threw WoW on it and drooled over how silky smooth and pretty everything was, but I didn’t feel the cartooney graphics were really pushing my PC. So just this last Saturday, I went out and bought Age of Conan (Yes. I read about the endgame stuff, I know what I’m getting into) and so far? This game is mind blowing! I won’t get into that now, I’ll post a (late) review within the next few days, but that’s where I currently am and that’s where I was in the MMO world.

I’ve been around. I’ve played MANY MMORPGs over the past 11 years of my life. To better give an idea of my stance/tastes/whatever on MMOs, I’m going to name and briefly describe my top 5 favorites of all time in order from least to greatest. Here goes!

5) Age of Conan – I’m not sure if it’s fair that this one makes it on the list, since I’m only three days old to it. It made the list because of innovations I’ve seen right off the bat. The combat is incredibly fun! It’s one of the freshest feelings that I’ve gotten from an MMO in a VERY long time. They borrowed a lot of pages from WoW, which I feel was a GREAT move. I was able to make my character then just play. I knew how to do everything already (in terms of controls, and how to perform tasks.) This game instantly felt very user friendly and very accessible right off the bat. Now, let’s see if I still feel this way once I get off the newbie island.

4) Dark Age of Camelot – I think a lot of MMOs got ideas from DAoC’s foundation. I could be wrong but I believe DAoC started the auto-travel system (Horses, in this case) that you see now in WoW (flight paths.) I also believe DAoC was the first MMO to do instanced (meaning each player or group gets their own exclusive copy of the area upon entry) dungeons. It may have been the first to really do battleground-based PVP too, as well as siege weaponry to use on enemy keeps. One of my best guild experiences happened in this game too. I met some of the damned nicest people and it was by far the most fun I had in an MMO with other people. I miss those guys and gals!

3) Starwars Galaxies – This game sucked me straight out of DAoC. I actually got into SWG to stick with the guild I was just talking about in the DAoC spot above. This game blew me away with the sheer amount of stuff you could do. I think this might be the only MMO where I could be furiously addicted for a long period of time without ever needing to kill one monster. Name it and you can probably do it. Speeder bikes and cars? check. Go to a cantina and relax to heal wounds? check. Go to a cantina and dance or play music to heal other peoples wounds? check. You could even have various “factories” constantly mining minerals for you out in the wilderness. The crafting system was top-notch, and the player housing was awesome, and easy to customize. It was also refreshing to me because it borrowed more from Ultima Onlines advancement system, which is more skill-based than level-based. In UO you have no levels, you gain skills. 100.0% swordsmanship = you rock with a sword. This game had that system, only it tacked a number on you so you’d be able to compare yourself against monsters. Plus it had one of the best expansions ever, allowing space travel/combat in your own ship that you customize. Very cool.

2) World of Warcraft – Everything that even the great MMOs did wrong in the past, WoW did right. Blizzard took some damn notes, and it shows! I really don’t even know where to start with this game. Excellent pacing, you level very fast but not TOO fast. You ALWAYS have something to do. Whether it’s questing, crafting, PvPing, instancing, raiding, fishing, auctioning, whatever, it’s just hard to get bored in this game. It advances so well, and I don’t just mean leveling speed. You’re awarded new skills every 2 levels (even numbered levels, but you get skills every level from 60-70) so you nearly always have something to look forward to. They have a very convenient travel system with flight paths you can take, and zeppelins and train systems leading from continent to continent. They even took it a step further with mounts that players can ride, and later on with the expansion (Burning Crusades,) flying mounts that players can pilot. (For the record, I saw a video. Flight combat in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion) The story is roughly about two factions fighting. I don’t want to get into the details now, but you choose a side, Horde or Alliance (though it’s a scientific fact that the Alliance are wuss-bags. =D) and either fight your rival faction, or join a guild for large scale monster encounters (40 people anyone?) Great game. Would be #1 for me if the REAL #1 game was never created….

1) Ultima Online – Goodbye early teen years. I wish I had gotten to know you. During those times I was probably deep in the caverns of Shame fighting Air Elementals, or maybe somewhere on Hythloth Island trying to dodge dragons. This game rules/ruled. How can it be both? Really there’s two types of UO to talk about. UO, like a lot of MMOs, changed drastically with an expansion. You’ll often hear “Pre UO:R” when people talk about UO. UO:R being Ultima Online: Renaissance. The time before UO:R was the golden age. The game was so perfect at this point. You could kill players and become a murderer (complete with a red name over your head that scares EVERYONE off and has you banned from any place with guard protection), you could do various trade skills and buy your own home. You could hide in front of peoples houses, wait for them, kill them, take their key, and loot EVERYTHING they ever had. Completely lootable players, you can kill a guy and take ANYTHING he had, even his damned sandals! There were no levels. You have many skills to build ANY type of character you want. I could make a fisherman with veterinary skill, as well as forensic pathology skill AND poisoning, if I really wanted to. You have 700 max skill points, and each skill can max out at 100. So you’d have 100.0 swordsmanship, 100.0 tactics, blah blah, 7 of them. Once UO:R came out, the game changed, some say for the worst, but I still found tons of enjoyment, and I won’t get into the changes. Really, I could go on for HOURS about this game. I’m cutting myself off right now because I literally have five things on the tip of my tongue that I could go on about. This game is my all time favorite MMORPG ever created, and it still thrives to this day, 11 years after release. (tip: If you’re interested in playing this game, googleUO Free Shards” and look for shard lists. Find a server on those lists that mention it being “Pre UO:R” and play that (assuming the population is good.) You can download the clients and do not need to make a purchase for this method, though the original game still has pay-to-play servers.)

So there you go. I have played more MMOs than I can count on my toes and fingers but these are the trutly amazing ones in my opinion. My posts won’t all be this long, and I do apologize for that. I wanted to provide insight as to what this blog will be about as well as my view on MMOs. This is all just getting off the ground, and it’s my first blog, so i’ll be figuring out the best way to do things as I go. I hope you all enjoy.