MMO playlist

Here’s a list and small description of the MMOs I’ve played over the last 11 years (that I can think of)

1) Ultima Online – Best game ever! My first MMORPG (started playing it 11 years ago) and the one that got me started in MMOs. Medieval fantasy, skill based, 2D Isometric view, fully custom characters, custom housing, vendors, mounts, SO MUCH FUN!

2) EverQuest – Another great game that had me for a very long time. Its ultimate downfall for me was its sluggish pace. I never hit the level cap in this game despite the countless hours I invested. It had a large 3d world, medieval fantasy setting. Pretty much a stripped down, slow version of most of the MMOs out today, but truely a gem in its time.

3) Dark Age of Camelot – One of my top 5 favorite games. Three realms duke it out in battlegrounds. These epic fights include sieging keeps in large numbers. You play either Midgard (kobolds, norsemen, etc,) Hibernia (elves, gnomes, etc) or Albion (your typical humans.) Medieval fantasy, very large 3d world (each realm has their own leveling grounds) slightly sluggish leveling, but another gem for its time. I havent looked at this game in a while, so I’m really not sure what it is now.. i’m referring to DAoC 2-3 years ago.

4) World of Warcraft – Not going to describe this one. Just ask the next person you see in public and you’ll probably get answers since everyone and their grandma plays it.

5) Lineage 2 – I only played a free server but this game was pretty fun. In the end it was a bit of a potion guzzler, which is a formula I dislike in MMOs, but combat was fun and it held me for a decent ammount of time.

6) Ragnarok Online – I only played free servers for this too, and I’m VERY glad I did this. I played on servers with upped rates (faster exp, and better chances of drops) and WOW, it was still pretty slow. The whole time i played I couldn’t help but imagine how many more hundreds of times the people who played the real version had to kill these monsters for this drop. I really enjoyed it and was into it for a long time. Its a korean MMO and it’s REALLY cartoony. 2d isometric view that you can zoom and rotate.

7) Arch Lord – Terrible. One of the two worst MMOs I’ve ever touched. I was SO looking forward to this game. I pre-ordered it, rushed out and bought it, installed it, then it all went to hell from there. It was SO uneventful. It is the epitome of a potion guzzler. I could actually adjust a slider on my HP and Mana bars that would drink a potion automaticaly when my HP or Mana hit that level. Why would I want a game that plays its self? It’s so terrible that it’s already just free to play. I do not suggest trying this game.

8) RF Online – Atrocious. The 2nd worst MMO i’ve ever touched! Just like Arch Lord I pre-ordered this game. Holy crap! mechs! Robots! A robot MMO with guns! MAYBE this game wouldn’t have been terrible if I could just level my character and have fun. Not the case, as you level you have to take time, and I mean LOTS OF TIME, to catch your skills up. I would play this game with my friend and tell him “Tomorrow after work i’m not going to level, I need to catch skills up.” If an MMO has people saying stuff like that, it’s DOOMED. Narsty game.

9) Starwars Galaxies – This is such a fun game. I’m not even really a Starwars fan (nothing against the movies, they’re entertaining, but I could never spit out starwars facts or anything) but this game held me for a VERY long time. I could try to say what you CAN do in this game, but I’m trying to be breif. Pretty much anything you want. You can play this game without killing any monsters and still have a blast. I played it a few years ago, and since then I’ve heard of game-killing patches, so I don’t know what to say about it now. But SWG 2ish years ago? golden.

10) Diablo 1 & 2 – I know.. Are these MMOs? It’s really hard to call them MMORPGs, but many people insist it, and I’m not out to argue. Diablo 1 was great but Diablo 2 is the one to talk about. It’s still going to this very day (I’m sure 1 probably is too, if you don’t mind people cheating.) D2 would have made my Top5 MMORPG list if I felt I could honestly consider them full-on MMORPGs, but I wanted to be true to the genre. It’s like Ultima Online for me in the sense that even though I have a computer that can play newer stuff, I still have urges to play it. Try it out! If anything, get some warmup for the upcoming Diablo 3!

I’ll add more later for sure. The list goes on but I’m just tired of typing right now. =)


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