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First post! A little about me and my love for MMORPGs.

Posted in MMORPGs with tags , , , , , on August 23, 2008 by madcow17

What I want to do with this first entry is explain why I have chosen to start a blog about MMOs, as well as go over my top 5 MMOs. The MMORPG is by far my preferred genre. I have been in love with MMORPGs since I played my first one in 1997. I remember the day that my mom, my brother, and myself went to Best Buy to get a new game to play, and my brother and I got a huge fight over which game to choose. I can’t remember what game I wanted, but he held in his hands, Ultima Online. I was PISSED. I did NOT want this game! I gave in, we got it, and I pouted in the car on the way home. We installed the game and got it running. It was SO terrible, easily the worst game I had ever played. I was stuck on a hill, I was too young to understand what “Fatigue” meant so I’m wondering why the HELL I can’t move. Over the next few days I played around with it a little more because I was eager to see what the game was all about. Now, I can’t say when it exactly happened, it just did. I suddenly was enthralled in this game. I picked up the tailoring skill and started mindlessly clicking through menus in the tailoring shop in Britain for hours straight. I was beyond hooked. This game became my life. From there on I started playing MMOs as they were released. I had another seemingly decade-long obsession with Everquest, then another with Dark Age of Camelot. I often think back and wonder how I even had enough time in my life to play these games as much as I did. This genre of game quickly became my forte, and I moved on to play many many more. Most were pay-to-play and some from independent developers who release their own created MMOs free of charge.

For a long time I was unable to afford a computer upgrade. Right about when DAoC released their Shrouded Isles expansion (which improved the graphics, putting it out of my computers reach), is when I mostly had to stop playing MMOs, or new ones I should say. Though I revisited UO (Ultima Online) more times than I want to recall, and played many low-end free MMOs, I dropped out of the MMO world for a while. Then one day, Introducing: the World of Warcraft beta. I installed it all prepared to be very disappointed knowing I couldn’t run it, but lo and behold! It ran playably decent! So I got into WoW for a very long time, and still play it to this day.

Within the last few months, my friend helped me put together a budget gaming PC. I instantly threw WoW on it and drooled over how silky smooth and pretty everything was, but I didn’t feel the cartooney graphics were really pushing my PC. So just this last Saturday, I went out and bought Age of Conan (Yes. I read about the endgame stuff, I know what I’m getting into) and so far? This game is mind blowing! I won’t get into that now, I’ll post a (late) review within the next few days, but that’s where I currently am and that’s where I was in the MMO world.

I’ve been around. I’ve played MANY MMORPGs over the past 11 years of my life. To better give an idea of my stance/tastes/whatever on MMOs, I’m going to name and briefly describe my top 5 favorites of all time in order from least to greatest. Here goes!

5) Age of Conan – I’m not sure if it’s fair that this one makes it on the list, since I’m only three days old to it. It made the list because of innovations I’ve seen right off the bat. The combat is incredibly fun! It’s one of the freshest feelings that I’ve gotten from an MMO in a VERY long time. They borrowed a lot of pages from WoW, which I feel was a GREAT move. I was able to make my character then just play. I knew how to do everything already (in terms of controls, and how to perform tasks.) This game instantly felt very user friendly and very accessible right off the bat. Now, let’s see if I still feel this way once I get off the newbie island.

4) Dark Age of Camelot – I think a lot of MMOs got ideas from DAoC’s foundation. I could be wrong but I believe DAoC started the auto-travel system (Horses, in this case) that you see now in WoW (flight paths.) I also believe DAoC was the first MMO to do instanced (meaning each player or group gets their own exclusive copy of the area upon entry) dungeons. It may have been the first to really do battleground-based PVP too, as well as siege weaponry to use on enemy keeps. One of my best guild experiences happened in this game too. I met some of the damned nicest people and it was by far the most fun I had in an MMO with other people. I miss those guys and gals!

3) Starwars Galaxies – This game sucked me straight out of DAoC. I actually got into SWG to stick with the guild I was just talking about in the DAoC spot above. This game blew me away with the sheer amount of stuff you could do. I think this might be the only MMO where I could be furiously addicted for a long period of time without ever needing to kill one monster. Name it and you can probably do it. Speeder bikes and cars? check. Go to a cantina and relax to heal wounds? check. Go to a cantina and dance or play music to heal other peoples wounds? check. You could even have various “factories” constantly mining minerals for you out in the wilderness. The crafting system was top-notch, and the player housing was awesome, and easy to customize. It was also refreshing to me because it borrowed more from Ultima Onlines advancement system, which is more skill-based than level-based. In UO you have no levels, you gain skills. 100.0% swordsmanship = you rock with a sword. This game had that system, only it tacked a number on you so you’d be able to compare yourself against monsters. Plus it had one of the best expansions ever, allowing space travel/combat in your own ship that you customize. Very cool.

2) World of Warcraft – Everything that even the great MMOs did wrong in the past, WoW did right. Blizzard took some damn notes, and it shows! I really don’t even know where to start with this game. Excellent pacing, you level very fast but not TOO fast. You ALWAYS have something to do. Whether it’s questing, crafting, PvPing, instancing, raiding, fishing, auctioning, whatever, it’s just hard to get bored in this game. It advances so well, and I don’t just mean leveling speed. You’re awarded new skills every 2 levels (even numbered levels, but you get skills every level from 60-70) so you nearly always have something to look forward to. They have a very convenient travel system with flight paths you can take, and zeppelins and train systems leading from continent to continent. They even took it a step further with mounts that players can ride, and later on with the expansion (Burning Crusades,) flying mounts that players can pilot. (For the record, I saw a video. Flight combat in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion) The story is roughly about two factions fighting. I don’t want to get into the details now, but you choose a side, Horde or Alliance (though it’s a scientific fact that the Alliance are wuss-bags. =D) and either fight your rival faction, or join a guild for large scale monster encounters (40 people anyone?) Great game. Would be #1 for me if the REAL #1 game was never created….

1) Ultima Online – Goodbye early teen years. I wish I had gotten to know you. During those times I was probably deep in the caverns of Shame fighting Air Elementals, or maybe somewhere on Hythloth Island trying to dodge dragons. This game rules/ruled. How can it be both? Really there’s two types of UO to talk about. UO, like a lot of MMOs, changed drastically with an expansion. You’ll often hear “Pre UO:R” when people talk about UO. UO:R being Ultima Online: Renaissance. The time before UO:R was the golden age. The game was so perfect at this point. You could kill players and become a murderer (complete with a red name over your head that scares EVERYONE off and has you banned from any place with guard protection), you could do various trade skills and buy your own home. You could hide in front of peoples houses, wait for them, kill them, take their key, and loot EVERYTHING they ever had. Completely lootable players, you can kill a guy and take ANYTHING he had, even his damned sandals! There were no levels. You have many skills to build ANY type of character you want. I could make a fisherman with veterinary skill, as well as forensic pathology skill AND poisoning, if I really wanted to. You have 700 max skill points, and each skill can max out at 100. So you’d have 100.0 swordsmanship, 100.0 tactics, blah blah, 7 of them. Once UO:R came out, the game changed, some say for the worst, but I still found tons of enjoyment, and I won’t get into the changes. Really, I could go on for HOURS about this game. I’m cutting myself off right now because I literally have five things on the tip of my tongue that I could go on about. This game is my all time favorite MMORPG ever created, and it still thrives to this day, 11 years after release. (tip: If you’re interested in playing this game, googleUO Free Shards” and look for shard lists. Find a server on those lists that mention it being “Pre UO:R” and play that (assuming the population is good.) You can download the clients and do not need to make a purchase for this method, though the original game still has pay-to-play servers.)

So there you go. I have played more MMOs than I can count on my toes and fingers but these are the trutly amazing ones in my opinion. My posts won’t all be this long, and I do apologize for that. I wanted to provide insight as to what this blog will be about as well as my view on MMOs. This is all just getting off the ground, and it’s my first blog, so i’ll be figuring out the best way to do things as I go. I hope you all enjoy.