Missing: UO:KR

I noticed something very odd this weekend. Since I’ve been talking
about previous MMO’s that I’ve played, interest has been rekindled in
certain series. I was very curious to find out what became of some of
the games I loved, most notably, Ultima Online. As of 2007, Ultima
Online: Kingdom Reborn should be out. Kingdom Reborn is mostly the same
Ultima Online that’s been around for years, only they’ve upped the
graphics tremendously (let’s not even count UO:3d, it was an atrocity.)
This is something I would probably try, since i like both old UO and
new UO. So what’s my problem? I can’t find this game for sale. This
game seems to quite literally have dropped out of existence. I’ve tried so many retailers online, and hardly any have a match at all for “Ultima,”
and if they do, it’s for the ‘8th age’ released in ’05. On UoHerald i
was able to find a 14 day free trial, but no links to actually move on
and purchase this game. I was starting to wonder if it was maybe a free
graphical overhaul that you just download, since I had no issue finding
various mirrors for the client, but I’ve seen pictures of the cover,
and i get results on google for buying it at Amazon only to arrive at
the site and have “no results.” I’ve also come across forum posts of people claiming they have it. Is this bizarre or has Ultima Online finally found the grave?

If anyone can find ANYTHING on purchasing this game, comment here and let me know what’s up. UO was so good that I would actually consider buying it assuming the trial made it seem worth it.


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